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Our Mother Nature

Posted: 17 February, 2010 by elizabethmaldonado in Environment
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mother nature

From my personal point of view I feel there are no words to express what we are doing to our planet, the enormous damage we are causing and the a few efforts and changes we do everyday to try to solve the problem. I mean, there are many people who do something in favor to nature, but in comparison to the global problem, it seems they are a few.

Our mother nature is talking to us; she is saying something we do not wan to hear. But at the end if we listen to her or not she will react. I imagine nature as a precious treasure from which everybody wants to take advantage. As a result; our precious treasure starts to go down, it is not like we saw it at the first time, it becomes used and old. Moreover; if we do not take care of it, it lost its qualities. At the end we are not going to be able to replace it for another one. It is unique.

Our mother nature has given everything to us. I can not imagine how beautiful the Earth was at the beginning of the Creation, so clean, so pure, and now?…………………………………………………Sometimes I feel guilty, but not all is my fault, this is not an excuse, but that’s true. There are many things we can not do. There are things that are beyond to our efforts. Despite that fact there are many people who do everything they can.

Like the treasure, our home is tired,  she has suffered so much damage, and she does not want that anymore. She needs to reborn, and that will cost us troubles because we are not prepared. We are not prepared because we have taken for granted that things will always be there.

To sum up, I only have two questions: 1) Are we prepared for the reborn of our mother nature?  If not 2) What are we going to do?

cultural events at school = fail??? / win??? :D

Posted: 17 February, 2010 by alfredojilo in Eckhoes, Music

cultural events at school = fail??? / win??? 😀

who thinks that cultural events at school sucks????… well… most of the times this is true… :D and not becuase we don´t like culture.. no!!!! my dear readers!!! we love culture!!!! ok…. maybe sometimes we don´t… but the main reason of why we think cultural events are not toooo good is because of the presentation of this lovely, nice and.. booooring events ….you can ask yourself, if they are not good.. why we still enjoying them??? well the answer to this tribial question is super easy!!!!

we would rather to loose classes than listening the same teacher.. day by day :( . we can´t complain about the “week of the book” (just an example) because we know we will skip clases (yeah!!!) so.. we prefer continuing with the same events, not going to class and … enjoying the activities shown in the yard of the school. i know.. sad but true:´(

this facts are based on an important interview to 5 people in the bus going home (i did it by myself well maybe I imagined it.. but who can say that this is not true?? i dare you!!!

so.. we already know that cultural events are not too good, but like everything in this life: “there is always a positive aspect even in the darkest situation”… let me introduce you the

!!!! suprahumanos!!!!!  (claps please)!!!!

when we think that the long day in school couldn´t be worts listening the young voices of some graceful classmates,thank god there is a brigt light in this gray day, who let us appreciate some of good music from the deepest side of the south of this safe, clean and extraordinary city Puebla!!! we found the “SUPRAHUMANOS”

the music they play is SURF.. and if you dont know it… well open the internet and search it, believe me   it wont cost you anything,.. except if you are in an ellegant and sofisticated “ciber” you know the one behind your street.

thanks to this band,  the day in school was saved from the boooring and monotonous events provided the february the 14th in school.. lets avoid school names due to legal problems :D

and with less talk and more action this are the “suprahumanos” you will know more of them

here some pictures of this heroic band!!! thanks SUPRAHUMANOS for saving the day!!!!  we salute you!!!

if you want to know more about them leave a coment, and  if you wont.. i dont care! you will know more :D

AlfredoJiLo reporting to duty! sir!