Abbey Road Becomes English Heritage.

Posted: 23 February, 2010 by Ingrid Fuentes in Eckhoes, Music
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Abbey Road Famous Crossing

I was wondering how to start writing this post. One of my ideas was to start by recalling a song which is part of the Abbey Road volume by The Beatles. When I looked up for one song that fulfil to this requirement I found ot the following one: 

I want you  

I want you so bad  

it’s driving me mad 

… She’s so Heavy. 

It caught immediately my attention the simplicity in the lyrics the one I wasn’t aware even though it is one of my favourite songs. 

The owners of the EMI company had announced that the buildings were about to be sold in order to cover some debts. It was  a shocking news to learn about this and even more important that it would probably become a residential complex. It wasn’t long until authorities from England took part in the situation. The abbey road building was listed in Grade II of buildings in the UK. Buildings included in this category are protected against any modification in the outside which must remain as its original aspect. 

The Beatles.

The culture minister Margaret Hodge expressed that the importance of keeping Abbey Road’s appearance is of big importance. In her words, “Abbey Road had been responsible for some of the best music in the world.”  And this is not just a personal opinion once that many of our favourites bands recorded in those studios. Bands like The Beatles who recorded 9 of the ten albums between 1962 and 1970, or Pink Floyd that also recorded some of its albums in the end of the 60’s and middle 70’s decade. 


It is not surprising that The UK authorities supported the building once that tourists from all over the world visit this place and takes

Pink Floyd

 photographs of the famous crossing which made the cover of The Beatles album entitled Abbey Road. And recalling the culture minister speech “Whether you tastes are for classical, hard rock or pop music, one of your favourites is more than likely to have recorded at Abbey Road.” I’m pleased with this news. It brings to me the opportunity to know and take a picture of the Abbey Road building some day when I could visit this antique lands.



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