Nowadays, practicing any sport is very important due to the advantages they  provide to our health… but we as good students don’t have always the opportunity to do it;  you know.. We have homework, we have to organize some presentations for some interesting class in our lovely school; also, our “free time” is used to do extracurricular activities like get in touch by messenger, facebook or any social red linked with no physical contact; catching up with our friends that we haven’t seen for ages… Like… two or three hours since we left school, I know it’s a long period of time but hopefully we can talk to them.

Anyway, we don’t have the time to practice any sport, so I will give you some good tips to get in shape 😀

Ok.. Maybe not to get in shape but at least you will feel better with yourself, thing that is also very important.

The most common activity that you can do and doesn´t cost you anything is to walk.

Some of the benefits of walking are: it helps the cardiovascular system, is reduces the overweight and is helpful to release the stress.

You can walk anytime anywhere, some quick examples…

  • Walk to the bus station
  • Walk to the store instead of using the car
  • Leave the car some streets away from school
  • walk

Another good activity that is important to mention that doesn’t cost anything as well and is very pleasant is kissing… oh!!! Yeah!!!!

If you thought that kissing just involves lips you are wrong!!!! Kissing is one of the most pure expressions and as a proof of love here there are some facts 😀

©       When you kiss your heart-beat goes from 60-80 per minute to 120-150 per minute, almost like if you had to run because a dog is trying to bite you.

©       29 facial muscles work when you kiss

©       Some studies have revealed that when you kiss during 10 seconds you lose 12 calories… so if we do some adds…

1 coke = 11.5 kisses

1 spoon of ice cream = 6 kisses



And the last but not least SEX!!!!!! Believe it or not!!!

There are just a few activities that are so “Fu#$iNg” awesome and provide so many benefits to our health and sex is one of them.

There are lots of benefits but I will mention just some of them:

Sex helps you to tone up lots of muscles in our body… better that spend the entire evening in the gym 😀

Sex give us the chance of losing lots of calories doing something that we can enjoy 😀

Sex helps women to release hormones which will make her have softer skin and shiner hair, what kind of woman wouldn´t like to have this??

Have you heard about VALLIUM well sex is ten times more powerful, it helps you to forget any pain in your body, awesome!!!! Right?? So… if one day you have headache you know what to do 😉

Also sex helps us to have a clean and nice cutis, this is due to the sweat that is produced during this nice exercise.



Now you know some easy and good ways to lose some weight… having fun!!!!

There are no more complains!!!!

Let´s exercise!!!!

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