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Posted: 21 March, 2010 by jessgc in Sex & Health
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One of the most little but sensitive and erotic area of a woman is not usually estimulated as it has to be…Nipples have an important role on a sexual relationship and even they can lead to an orgasm! (if you know how to touch them). They are more than two lumps in your girl so PLEASE!!! treat them well  and never do that movement as if you were tasting melons on the market because they AREN’T.

Many women complaints about the way their boyfriends touch their nipples, they used to bite, squeez, lick and press them to hard that instead of being pleasant its painful and dissapointing.

That’s why I leave this tips for you to know better how to touch nipples:

press them soflty with your hand’s palm.

kiss them gently and lick them not as you lick a lollypop (making circles and crosses its a good idea)

bite them really softly because the moment it starts to hurt the feelling ends. (unless your girl ask for more)

surround with your hands one of  her breasts or use one hand for each breast, remember she has TWO,  do not focus only in one!

– Change the rhythm and style of the caress but if she says “go on!!”, do it!!!

Playing with their nipples is good but keep in mind they aren’t on/off buttons.

No matter breasts’s size or if they are natural or they have implants, there’s always a way to touch them and make your girl to melt in your arms…

If you know another tip share it don’t be selfish!! 😉

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