Alternative movie versions about Alice in Wonderland by L. Carroll.

Posted: 28 March, 2010 by santofenix in Movies
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Blanche McManus in 1900



 Lewis Carroll published Alice in Wonderland in 1870, when movies were not a way of expression yet, eventually the first illustrations about Alice were portrayed by Blanche McManus in 1900 for the current edition of that year. Three years later, and 33 years after releasing the first novel edition, a first movie inspired in this immediate classic came. 

Percy Stow and Cecil Hepworth 1903



It passed almost fifty years for mankind to watch another Alice in Wonderland version, this time at the theatres. Walt Disney was the responsible to take Carroll’s story to an animated language, which has remained in the mind of thousands for decades. 

The most alternative so far: 

For me the version by Jan SvankmajerAlice” (1988) is the only one that has reached the Lewis Carroll intention of the story. The setting is Alice’s house, where the existent objects seem to be suddenly alive; she never goes beyond the boundaries of her house but her imagination does. The Guru is a rabbit that introduces her in a surrealist-Svankmajerian world. This is not a version made for children, and the sequence of the story may differ a bit from what Carroll published in 1870, yet Svankmajer focused on some details based actually on the book that none director has considered when adapting the story; it makes it a unique non-ignorable masterpiece. 


Spirited away: 

Hayao Miyazaki, the most representative Japanese anime-maker, made in 1999 the best animation Oscar- winner “Spirited away”. Though the movie does not have to do anything with the name “Alice”, It’s quite noticeable that Miyazaki based his movie on Alice in Wonderland by Carroll. The name of the Character is Shihiro, who as Alice, gets lost in a wonderful-strange world but with Japanese reminiscences. 

The last alternative version of Alice in Wonderland (2010) by Tim Burton was intended to be excluded, since a previous post of this blog by chocorat was about it…. But for the ones who missed it here is the trailer again of this equally controversial and difficult to understand adaptation. 

Well, as we can notice Alice in Wonderland is a tale that can lead different visionary movie makers to either adapt or invent a complete new version of the actual primary story created by Carroll. What we can conclude is that Alice is still and will be the most adaptable and influential novel of all times.

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